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Books for Health Care Update

I often say that, if I were rich, I would use a good 10% of my money, if not more, to help worthy causes.

I am not rich. Far, far from it, in fact. But I still would like to put my money where my mouth is, as they say.

So, I'm going to donate all profits I receive from my book sales at Lulu, from now through August 31, to helping MoveOn.org fight for health care reform. This is a critical issue that President Obama is trying to push through for the good of all Americans, and maybe this way, I can help.

Visit my Lulu store now and pick yourself up some late summer reading! You can also order them from Amazon.Com. Any sales of my books that I see went through before September 1, I will donate to the cause.

I will also do my best to post an accounting here. Please, help out this cause and allow me to help it by purchasing some of my books!
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