jfesmire (jfesmire) wrote in sexy_dorks,


I'm going through a bit of witdrawal now. WoW withdrawal.

A few nights ago, I decided to stop playing. My subscription was about to run out anyway, but what really got me to make this decision was stress.

I mean, I'm 39 years old, have kids, am an MFA student, and have my own art projects I want to work on. The obvious finally hit me: I was somehow managing, but I could do so much more if I stopped playing WoW.

Here's another way to put it. Whose life is more important? Mine, or my blood elf rogue's?

There it is. I still love the game and the fantasy worlds that were created for it, so this isn't easy. However, I'm already getting more done to improve my 3D modeling, and I love that. I feel more accomplished already.

I'll keep reading the WoW novels, too. That seems like a good way to enjoy that whole universe without sacrificing my own life.

More later. I have an original creature to model!
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