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The Consistency Theorist - Entry 1

Recently, cadhla has been writing a fan fic a day about how various characters in various shows and books are spending the holidays. Sadly, I'm not familiar with all the fandoms she's exploring, though I've enjoyed the ones I do know.

I had requested that she cover how Sylar of Heroes is spending his holidays. Evil Sylar, that is, as he gave up trying to be good a couple episodes ago. Well, I guess we all saw how he decided to spend the holiday season in the final episode of the year!

Now, as to the title of this entry, "The Consistency Theorist." I'm thinking of making this a regular feature in my blog. You see, in my favorite shows, I often see plot holes or inconsistencies that could easily be explained, if the writers would just bother to do it. I think I'm pretty good at figuring out rational explanations for most of them, except for the really blatant ones that there's no reasonable explanation for, and you just have to ignore outright.

A question struck me after the recent Heroes episode in which Noah Bennet (HRG) told Sylar that Angela and Arthur Petrelli were lying to him (Sylar) about his parentage. They had claimed to be his parents. We later learned that Bennet was right. Both Petrellis had lied to Sylar in order to manipulate him.

The implication, and therefore the perceived inconsistency, was that Angela and Arthur had planned this lie out together. However, those two are mortal enemies, and there was no way they worked together.

The question: How did Angela and Arthur Petrelli coordinate their lie to Sylar that they were his parents?

The simple answer is that they didn't. Angela told Sylar that she was his mother in order to give him a sense of belonging and purpose, so that she could manipulate him for Primatech. Arthur can steal any power with a touch, and clearly stole telepathic abilities. He read either Angela's or Sylar's mind (most likely both), and knew about her lie to Sylar. He realized that he could use the same lie to turn Sylar to his side, and told the serial killer that he was indeed his father.

Consistency Theorist out. I have a fun post for later, though!
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