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Arg... books again!

Lulu is having a contest for its authors right now; they're seeing who can sell the most books.

I haven't bothered to market my books in a long time, because, frankly, Internet marketing is a tease who takes all your time and gifts and doesn't put out. That's about how it makes you feel, too!

I still wish people would read my novels. It's not like I didn't work my ass off for years to become a good writer. It's not like I didn't study plot, theme, characterization, dialogue, etc. upon etc. ad nauseum. I mostly enjoyed writing and was fraking good at it, but the whole game is much more one of luck than talent. Don't believe me? Think "Eragon."

Anyhow, I'm not going to be a wuss about this. My books are great, and most of you will love them. Give yourself a treat. Help me to maybe get close to winning the $500 top prize, which would be a tremendous help to me and my family.

Click over to my Lulu storefront and have a look.

There are my three fantasy novels, my fantasy anthology, and a dream journal with a kick-ass cover. The covers for my other books aren't too shabby, either.

Why are you still reading this? Go!
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