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WoW Woes: Player Beware

My wife and I have been World of Warcraft players for nearly two years, having started the December before Burning Crusade came out. In this house, we have (had, as soon as the subscriptions run out) three accounts. The gameplay is great, there's plenty of social interaction, nice graphics, and lots to do and explore.

However, things changed for us as of last night.

One of the kids was playing on his account, when he was disconnected. When he tried to go back in, he discovered that the account had been permanently banned. We tried to figure out why, as we all stick to the EULA. The only thing we can figure is that he asked a question in the Trade chat channel that should have gone in General.

Hey, Blizzard, how about sending an in game mail saying, "Please do not use trade for non-trade issues?" I mean, permanently banning an account for that, without any sort of warning? What's that all about?

We followed the procedure to get in touch with them. They allow you to send an e-mail via their Web site. As of now, no respons. And we've been reading up on this issue. It seems that it's a pervasive issue. A lot of people have had their accounts permanently banned for things just like that. Asking a question in the "wrong" chat channel seems to be a big one.

Imagine getting a character to level 70 and having your account banned because, in the Trade channel, you asked how much it would cost to have the Mongoose enchantment placed on an item for you.

Look it up in the World of Warcraft forums, if you don't believe me.

By erroneously banning one of our accounts, they have now lost three. Three paying accounts.

Funny, too... I've been working on a music video using WoW footage, which is a popular new art form called machinima. And no, I don't think that has anything to do with the banning, as the account in question is played on a totally different computer than I use. I'm going to finish the video, but I'm a little bummed that it may get people interested in WoW. As cool as the game itself is, it's not worth playing if they can randomly ban your account without giving reason or true recourse.

As for me, I'm done with MMORPGs for awhile. I think I'm going to play Spore instead.
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