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"Children of Rhatlan" Update

The free ebook of my novel, Children of Rhatlan has now had about 600 downloads! Not too shabby.

I hope you're all enjoying the book. If you do, please tell a friend about it.

The biggest threat to most of us writers out there isn't plagiarism, but obscurity. No matter how good you are (and no matter what some writers, agents, reviewers, and publishers would have you think), it's tough to get a big publisher to accept your book. Even if you do, and it sees print, chances are you'll have to do 99% of the publicity yourself.

This is one way I'm using to get the word out about my books. Mostly, I want people to enjoy the story. If you choose to buy a print copy at Amazon, or donate a bit at the book's Podiobooks page, that is, as they say, gravy.

Feel free to send me a message about it, post about it on its Amazon page, or simply to enjoy it.
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