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Download "Children of Rhatlan" for FREE

It's time to make a bold move.

I am now offering my first novel, Children of Rhatlan, as a free PDF download.

Yes, you can now read the book, in its entirety, for free.

Why am I giving it away like this?

Well, I have several reasons. The main one is that I got into writing because I wanted to be read. Yet the market is flooded with books, and it's difficult for any one writer to get attention out there. The other reason is that books that are given away tend to sell more copies. Doesn't make sense, does it? But it's true... or so I've heard.

So, let's put this to the test!

Download the book for free, and enjoy. Tell your friends. Blog about it. Hell, share your own novel for free.

Currently, the sequel is up in the air. I don't know if I'm going to finish it or not. Maybe I'm looking for a reason to! If this does well, I might just, finally, finish Women of Moreri.

I'm giving people permission to share this free ebook edition. You may not resell it or change it in any way. Besides giving you the right to share this ebook version as is, all copyrights to it remain mine alone. (Okay, except for the cover, which is (c) 2001 Stephanie Law.)

Here are the links. Enjoy!

Free PDF edition of Children of Rhatlan

Purchase a print copy at Amazon.Com.

Listen for free at Podiobooks.Com.

Thanks go to fellow Podiobook author, Charles Sheehan-Miles, who is giving away the ebook version of his novel, Republic, for free. You can read more here!

If you feel like donating some money for the pdf version, please do so on the Podiobooks page for Children of Rhatlan. Podiobooks will get 25% of the money, so this is my way to continue supporting them, because I believe in what they're doing.

But wait, there's more! Well, not really. If you still need a reason to download this free edition of Children of Rhatlan, then here are some reviews:

"Jonathan Fesmire has created a universe in which his intriguing creation of the Dual Twin is forced to survive or perish. Imagine having a twin with whom you've never come face to face because you are unable to occupy the same space and time. Fesmire has imagined exactly such a situation and how it would effect his creation as they are forced to hide their true identities because most of those around them misunderstand, fear and hate them...even the most mundane of daily exercises becomes a challenge and a trial. Whom can they trust? Add to that a villain who wishes their undoing and the complication of romance and what Fesmire has given us is quite the tasty confection indeed!" - Michael A. Grapin

"I love this story because the duals are unique. They are a different kind of magic and I think its absolutely brilliant. It's a great story about magic, racism, betrayal and hatred, to love and lose, revenge, and forgiveness. I hope you take the opportunity to read this book and go on one adventure after another with Garum and Vayin!!!" - Taryn L. Durham "Fantasy Lover"

"New concepts are a rare thing in fantasy literature. Settings are created. Characters are wrought from legend or from thin air. New mythologies are conjured up. Genuine inventions, though, are a unique treat. Fesmire's duals is definitely one of those inventions. And all of the previous short stories, and now this full-length novel are certainly a treat.

Vayin and Garum are the closest of twins. Born duals, they are a brother and sister who exist inside one body, allowing only one of them to surface at any given time. Vayin's female form can only exist when Garum "switches" and his male body vanishes. They remain in constant contact in the internal space their thoughts share. It's not the ideal situation, but it would be bearable if only so-called normal people didn't fear and hate the mysterious duals.

Does that explain the phenomenon? Probably not. But, you don't really want me to tell you about it when Fesmire is there to do it so much more eloquently. Instead, read Children Of Rhatlan and you will understand. And you too will find the duals fascinating and intriguing." - Lisa DuMond, SF Site

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